Tips to Finding Your Perfect Dream Home in the City of Eagles – Davao City

City of Eagles is Davao City’s nickname for it is home to the famous Philippine Eagle. Davao is regarded as “de facto” capital of the Mindanao Island because of its urbanized city outside the Philippines’ capital Metro Manila.

Davao City is highly urbanized and is ranked 87th fastest growing city in the world with population of over 2.5 million as per 2015 census. Aside from being called the City of Eagle, the city is well-known for its natural resources. It has been dubbed as “Durian City” and the home of the tallest volcano in the country, Mount Apo.


Davao City’s Booming Real Estate

real estate davaoReal Estate industry in Davao gets the attention of lots of investors particularly the home seekers. Because it is the safest city to live in, you will be in no doubt to invest and start a family in Davao.

Aside from education – the top priorities of each Filipinos where their hard-earned money goes – investing in real estate is another primal priority to secure the future.  Real Estate has several forms, such as residential lots, subdivision house and lot, and subdivision lot and condo units are all good investments.

Investments made in real estate are solid and much appreciated over time, not to mention the rental income derived from property leasing. Unlike the other forms of investment, the satisfaction when seeing a tangible investment is quite secure and relieving compared to time deposits and mutual funds. Moreover, it is best to purchase your own home than renting out. Why? Real estate value is getting higher as time passes by, and it can be great as collateral for big amount of loans to open future businesses.

Renting a home is also good, yet it has its own disadvantages – you can’t call it your own and you truly have no assurance. When purchasing the house, there are several options and there are developers that offer “rent to own” housing project.

Rent to Own Properties

It is an arrangement between a seller and a consumer which allows the consumer the opportunity to purchase the rented property by continuing the payment or rental fee through lump sum payment.

Purchasing a rent to own houses in low cost subdivision is one of the best budgeted options. Renting to own is easy, low-stress and an inexpensive ways to buy and sell in real estate. While medium-class properties is now dominating in the market as it has a higher demand and liquidity.

At the same time is near located in the heart of the city. One of the examples of the middle-class properties is the Uraya Residences in Catalunan Grande, Davao City. It is a mixed use villages and a wide community with a commercial and residential functions.

Also, with middle-class real estate – there has several of model houses and quality materials offered by the developer. We can’t say it has the disadvantage because the contract price is reasonable with the quality of the property build. Price for the property varies to the quality of home and location.

On the other hand, a high-end property is the most dominant, especially for the foreign investors. It has the largest market and with higher supply and demand. High-end projects usually build in the heart of the city where commercial establishments and business areas are very much close. One of the examples is the Townhouses at Malibu Residences located in Lanang, Davao City.

Also, in high-end you will find lots of amenities and features where you can’t usually find in middle-class and low cost properties. Price starts at 5 million to 9 million pesos. See below the list of real estate property found in Davao City.


List of Licensed Property Developers in Davao City

davao city real estate

Low Cost Properties

  • Cambridge Heights – is located in Malagamot, Panacan Davao City with almost 10-hectare development composed of 550 residential units. It offers 2 model houses with modern designs.
  • Deca Homes Resort Residences – is one of the housing projects of 8990 Housing Developer located in Tacunan, Mintal. The subdivision is very accessible in a strategic location – just along Catalunan Grande Road. This consists of 11 hectares land area and composes of 710 housing units.
  • Elenita Heights – also known as Elenita Heights Park Villas is located in upper Catalunan Grande and accessible via Mintal. The villa is part of an existing community of more than 2500 hectares. This provides easy and comfortable living from the bustling of the City. It offers modernized and improve house and lot package for modern family.
  • The Harmony Subdivision – is a low cost to mid cost subdivision located in Cabantian, Davao City. It has limited units of house and lot. Big sizes of lots are up to grab.


Middle Class Properties

  • Aspen Heights – is a mid-cost housing project located in Communal, Buhangin Davao City. It composed of 9-hectare project. The units are available for occupancy with five model houses to choose.
  • Chula Vista – It is located in Cabantian, Davao City and is composed of a 2 storey house and lot with estimated lot are of 108 sqm per unit.
  • Hidalgo Homes – is located in Cabantian-Indangan, Davao City. This housing project is composing of modern designs with amenities offered.
  • La Vista Monte – is a middle class to high end subdivision located in Matina Balusong, Forest Hill, Davao City. It is dubbed as flower village because of its beautiful flowers that naturally grow within the place. The subdivision has modern designed bungalow and 2-storey type houses.
  • Villa Conchita  – composed of a 27-hectare development inspired by a Mediterranean theme. This subdivision is located in Bago Gallera, Davao City, composed of 5 model houses namely, Nina, Helen, Phoebe, Selene and Chloe.
  • Villa Señorita – lt located in Maa Diversion Road – infront of GAP Farm, situated in a cool place with flowers and lush greens. This subdivision offers a modern Filipino theme houses with several amenities including playground, pavilion park, pocket gardens, basketball and tennis court.


High End Properties

  • AMIYA Resort Residences – a high-end subdivision located in Puan, Davao City. It is inspired by Bali and Thai theme designed that brings comfort of having a private resort outside your home.
  • Malibu Residences Davao – a townhouse property strategically located in Lanang, Davao City which consisting of 3 storeys with balcony at the 3rd floor.

Davao City is consistently voted as one of most livable and competitive cities in the Philippines. It is 3rd  in the whole world that acquired 911 Central Unit. It is an ideal place to call home, to retire or to start a long-term investment. It is a typhoon-free city and is rich in natural resources, a perfect place for investing, especially to build a perfect home to start a new family.


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